Sport of Sports

Primetime, Every Time!

FLIERBALL — is the sport that fills-the-gaps between seasons with “non-ball” skill-based Activities, Clinics & Competitions.

FLIERBALL —Simulates Game-speed, with a Lower Risk of Sports Injury.

FLIERBALL —is the sport that Fits in your Pocket & Goes Where You Go. (no additional equipment required).

FLIERBALL — Inspires Athletes to Build their B.A.S.E. (Balance, Agility, Strength & Energy).

FLIERBALL — Prepares Athletes for Participation in Sports & Activities that require Mental & Physical Fitness.

FLIERBALL — Encourages Athletes of All Ability-levels & Every Sporting Genre to Play Together.

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FLING! the Flyin Disc is the official non-ball of the WFLWorld FLIERBALL League.