In 2019 —I attended Chicago Toy & Game Week for the first time.

I have dedicated a few pages to highlight my ChiTAG Experience —It’s my hope that New Inventors find this information valuable.

Opportunities Abound for those that work hard to get to ChiTAG Week.

Great insights can be gained, as top Toy & Game Industry Professionals share their knowledge and wisdom, at Chicago Toy & Game Week.

Networking & Making Connections is at the Core of ChiTAG Week’s Event and Conference is Agenda.

At ChiTAG Week you can showcase your innovations to savvy and influential Toy & Game professionals during the New Inventors Speed-pitch.

Toy & Game Innovator Awards (TAGIEs) —The industry’s biggest night celebrates the year’s best innovators.

See Highlights from My Experience as a 2019 TAGIE Nominee.

Chicago Toy & Game Fair is the Largest Consumer Toy & Game Fair in North America.

Independent Inventors exhibit their latest innovations along side the Biggest Toy Companies in the world.

Click here to Read—“My Tips” for the New Inventors who have considered attending Chicago Toy & Game Week.