Active Search for Physical Activity

In a shelter-in-place world and with ever-increasing social distancing requirements —regular physical activity is of national concern.

Rightfully so, as of 2019, 80% of adolescents were already not getting enough physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle —

Possibly resulting in my generation being the first generation to have a shorter average life span then my parents’ generation —according to a former surgeon general.

With all major sporting events canceled, sedentary activities like video game participation and streaming content viewership has been steadily on the rise.

It seems, pro athletes and corporations are more likely to promote simulated sporting events, like eSports and iRacing — than investing time and effort into finding and promoting healthy, real-world activities.

Recreation centers are closed, organized sports have come to a halt and physical activities provided by schools are no longer available — and I don’t see many good alternative options or thoughtful solutions being offered to the youth.

“Young people have the right to play and be physically active. They should be provided with opportunities to realize their rights to physical and mental health”
-says the World Health Organization

Now more than ever we need an innovative solution to physical activity — that is safer around people, property and pets.

An activity that can be played inside a large stadium or inside a family home.

An activity that inspires confidence — while building one’s B.A.S.E. (Balance, Agility, Strength and Energy).

An activity inclusive to all ages and skill levels —so that a grandfather can play with his granddaughter —or a novice could play with a professional athlete.

Physical play is how we grow our minds and bodies.

Let us all be committed to the active discovery of effective playtime solutions that inspire every generation to Be a Little Radder, every day.

—Joseph Howard

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