Note to ‘Class of 2020’

“Graduating high school will affect how you live the rest of your life, it’s about personal satisfaction and self-esteem, being happy with your job and better quality of life“

So where does that leave me? —Joseph Howard.

In September of 2019, I dropped out of my high school class of 2020 —

to devote my full-efforts creating and innovating tools that promote active discovery through open-ended play, to help build a generation of creative, playful and passionate men and women —with the mindset to always be improving.

Note to The Class of 2020:

The threat of a low paying job, the pressure of social norms and communal acceptability has pushed many of us to pursue an education that is ‘less than’ we deserve.

Before the first day of senior year I promised myself that I would not let school interfere with my education.

Education is about empowerment, and cultivating an individual to his or her highest potential.

‘Inspiration’ not ‘Indoctrination’ should be the motto of the American education system. Don’t you think?

“Without inspiration no human will rise above the limitations in which they live.”

When I receive my ‘certificate of completion’, am I supposed to be inspired?

Is it the ‘graduation certificate’ itself that becomes the ‘golden ticket’ for entry to the good life?

Or, should it be the accumulative knowledge and wisdom gained from navigating a life in America’s public education system?

Is the opportunity to ‘Walk the Stage’ the ‘carrot’ to this 12 year stick?

Why do I need to celebrate the work I have already done?

The joy of accomplishment is short-lived —but the joy of progression is forever.

Learning how to apply our unique set of talents and skills to create impact in the world is the education we need.

The world does not need another diploma– the world needs you.

Now, get off your phone —and Go Be the BEST Influencer of You.

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